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Steel Pipe Fittings are not considered “Hazardous” according to the criteria specified in the applicable Federal regulations.  All Steel Products are considered “mixtures” due to possible further processing unique to the final applications where the Pipe Fittings are used. 

As manufactured and shipped to our customers, Steel Pipe Fittings pose no immediate health or fire hazard.  However, when Steel Pipe Fittings are subjected to welding, burning, sawing, etc., this further processing may result in potentially hazardous airborne particulate and, or fumes.

For your reference we have attached a representative SDS for the starting raw material (steel pipe/tubing) and the paint that coats the Fittings.  These SDS provide information on the hazards during “further processing” of Steel Pipe Fittings.

Material SDS Material SDS
Raw Material Coating - Paint



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