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Below are the Canadian Registration Numbers for TFA. For more information, click here to contact our Quality Assurance department.

To view the document, click on the appropriate province.
Click here to view our Certificate of Performance.

Commercial Product   Nuclear Product  
      (Once registration number per province, per ASME Nuclear Class 1, 2, 3)
Province Registration Number Province Registration Number
Alberta 0A11654.52   New Brunswick NFA-1-3020.7
British Columbia 0A11654.5  
Manitoba 0A11654.56  
Nanavut 0A11654.5N   Ontario NFA-1-3020.75
New Brunswick 0A11654.57  
Newfoundland & Labrador 0A11654.50  
Northwest Territories 0A11654.5T  
Nova Scotia 0A11654.58   Quebec NFA-1-3020.76
Ontario 0A11654.5      
Prince Edward Island 0A11654.59      
Quebec 0A11654.56      
Saskatchewan 0A11654.56      
Yukon Territory 0A11654.54      
Canada National 0A11654.56R1      



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