The TFA Maintenance Team is dedicated to maintaining our best in class Customer Service reputation by ensuring that our facility and machinery are maintained to the highest level of performance. Our Maintenance Team takes pride in their ability to keep the TFA operations running at the required plant capacity, every day and every shift. This allows us to consistently produce a quality product in a timely manner.

Our Team is made up of a competent and fully trained staff of Millwrights, Journeymen Electricians, Hydraulic Specialists and Forklift Mechanics. With our depth of experience and talent we are able to maintain, repair and rebuild the many pieces of equipment in our facility. In addition, a fully equipped specialty machine shop allows us to build any part needed to repair our equipment; helping minimize equipment downtime.

In addition to the procurement and installation of new equipment, our Team has computer aided design (CAD) capabilities for machinery design. We are able to design and build our own Elbow and Tee Forges, heat treat furnaces and other types of equipment used in our manufacturing processes.

Over the last few years we have designed and built a new Forge dedicated exclusively to the hot-forming of 3-R Elbows, three additional heat treat furnaces and two new furnaces used in the hot-forming Tee process. During the same period we have procured and installed new horizontal band saws, Elbow Reform Presses, Beveling Machines, overhead cranes, Tumble Blast equipment and a Blast Room for large OD 3-R Elbows.

Over many years we have developed and refined procedures to ensure that equipment is maintained in a manner that produces a consistent product quality. Our maintenance program employs predictive and preventive practices to ensure that our equipment and processes continually provide the desired outputs, conformity of products and the necessary servicing to our customers in compliance with ISO 9001-2015. In addition, we constantly upgrade the technology we use to evaluate the performance and needs of our equipment – Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Laser Alignment, Ultrasound and Oil Analysis.

With our experienced Staff, predictive and preventive procedures, in-house equipment design and fabrication capabilities and the latest technology, we are better able to predict and prevent machinery problems before they happen, thereby decreasing unplanned equipment outages, which allows TFA to maintain its reputation for excellent Product Quality and Customer Service.