It starts with “In-House” Manufacturing Process Control….

  1. TFA has always believed that the best way to guarantee CONSISTENT product Quality is to control ALL the manufacturing processes. This 100% control over all the manufacturing processes is even more important when manufacturing High-Yield “Segmentable” 3-R Elbows. Critical factors like raw material specifications and in-house control of the hot-forming and body-sizing processes are very important to guaranteeing the “segmentability” tolerances of MSS-SP-75* and End User 3-R Specifications.
  2. TFA’s full-body-sizing process has been proven to provide a 3-R Elbow with minimal out-of-roundness distortion after field-segmenting…
    • We know from decades of in-house statistical process sampling, and from feedback from contractors in the field, that it is common for a TFA 3-R Elbow to have 25% to 50% less out-of-roundness, AFTER segmenting, than the 1% out-of-roundness (OOR) tolerance allowed by MSS-SP-75 for Segmentable Elbows.
    • As an example, the MSS-SP-75 maximum 1% OOR Tolerance on a 24” Elbow is 0.240”. For a TFA 3-R Elbow it would be common to find the OOR, AFTER segmenting, to be between 0.120” to 0.180”….This equates to 25% to 50% LESS OOR distortion than the maximum OOR allowed by MSS-SP-75; and, these percent reductions in OOR are typical across all TFA 3-R Elbow sizes manufactured to comply with MSS-SP-75.
  3. After a TFA 3-R Elbow is field-segmented, the segmented cross-section requires less fit-up time….
    • Our raw material tube sizing and uniformly controlled mandrel forming process, with strict temperature monitoring and control at the point of maximum expansion, provides a 3-R Elbow with a uniform wall throughout the body.
    • Our in-house manufacturing process control provides a 3-R Elbow with an Inside Diameter (ID) throughout the Body of the 3-R Elbow that is typically 97% to 99% of the Nominal ID of the mating Pipe. This “ID control”, when coupled with the minimal OOR distortion after segmenting, are the factors that minimize field fit-up issues when using a TFA 3-R Elbow for a field-segmenting application.

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*MSS-SP-75 2014 Standard Practice. Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc. Vienna, VA.