The Zidell companies are a longtime Portland family-owned business, devoted to quality and dependability. Excellent employers, the companies provide competitive benefits which enables employees to care for their families as well as employee development opportunities.

Zidell's history dates back to 1915, when Sam Zidell arrived in America and began selling second-hand machinery. Initially locating in Roseburg, Oregon, Sam moved to Portland in 1916 and expanded his Machinery and Supply business.

Following WWII, business continued to grow for Zidell as he expanded into the scrap metal industry as America was rebuilding its industrial base. Sam's son, Emery, saw the opportunity to continue to expand the family's operations which led them into the ship dismantling business in 1946. By 1960, Zidell was the nation's largest ship dismantler, employing hundreds of employees dismantling a total of 336 ships over 30 years.

In 1955, Emery continued the expansion of the family's operations with the founding of Tube Forgings of America, Inc. For 65+ years, TFA has been supplying the country with quality welding fittings for a wide range of high pressure, high temperature piping systems.

The family expanded into barge building in 1960 — Zidell Marine Corporation. When Emery decided to use recovered steel from the ships being dismantled to create barges which outperformed the wooden vessels at the time. The company soon began to use new steel plates for building barges. Since 1961, Zidell has built and launched more than 300 barges, most of which are still in use today to haul numerous types of cargo throughout the West Coast of America. Today, Jay Zidell, the son of the builder of the Zidell Companies and the grandson of their founder, heads the family businesses, which employ over 200 people in the Pacific Northwest.

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When Tube Forgings of America, Inc. (TFA) opened its doors in 1955, there were over twenty five fittings manufacturers in the USA. Today, after many decades of industry consolidation and changing customer preferences, there are only a few manufacturers left in the country. TFA continues to be the recognized industry leader in customer service and is overwhelmingly preferred by many of the major distributors and end users that service the energy industry. This leadership position is a direct result of the excellent team of employees at TFA whose main focus, every day, is to provide their customers with the best quality products, error free business transactions, and on-time deliveries.

A company, like an individual, is the sum of its past and present. TFA has survived for over 60 years and is still standing. TFA has continually put its faith in its employees, and that faith has been rewarded many times over from the numerous leaders who have made their mark here, creating a family-like unity and can-do spirit that has held the company together and prepared it for a promising future.